You have just joined a group trying to change for better the politics as we know it. Conducting a productive political dialogue between people of opposing views has been difficult for some time, but right here, right now you have an opportunity to change it. This forum gives you an opportunity to shape the future.

The concept of the debate might seem complex, but the forum has been designed in a way that it should be easy to participate without even reading the official rules.

Debate always starts with a challenge, which should be in the form of a thesis that can be proven as true or false. For example, a statement that some politician or political group is misguided in its views or actions is not a good example of a thesis, which could be easily proven as true or false. A statement that a given problem can be better resolved by applying particular means or methods, more likely can be determined as true or false by the scrutiny of the facts. In general, every time when the challenge addresses how to use money in resolving a given problem, discussing it might be productive.

Right here, right now, this is the only place in the whole United States where everyone has an equal voice on health care reform. If you can defend your opinion with a logical interpretation of facts, it will be put above others, including the opinions of the powerful and renowned. Please use this opportunity prudently.