In ancient Greek cities, citizens met in marketplaces called agoras to discuss publicly the important matters of the community. Thanks to the technology available to us, we can recreate this experience in Virtual Agora. However, the rules of engagement in the debate on the public square are still the same.

1. Use your real name

It is sort of obvious. In the beginning we will trust that you are who you tell us you are. Soon we will add identity verification.

2. Show your face

An avatar with your actual picture brings us the closest to the eye-to-eye contact that we could have in a direct personal conversation. Using any funny-looking avatars might indicate your lack of self-confidence, your disrespect for others, or both.

3. Be patiently respectful

The debate algorithm at Virtual Agora emulates debates that we might have personally with people of opposing views. Occasionally, we may lose against a more eloquent opponent defending an obviously false position. But, if we are persistent, eventually the position supported by facts and logic will prevail. Sometimes, we have to acknowledge that this is the position held by our opponent

4. You are in charge

When signing up, you become one of many forum members. But Virtual Agora is designed to be community-driven. Sooner than you might anticipate, you can become a moderator or an operator of a forum in your community. From day one, act in a way that you would like others to behave if you were in charge.

Updated May 31, 2017